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November 20, 2019by Ezgi Aydemir
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There are an increasing number of foreigners travelling to Turkey for cosmetic procedures. Majority of these patients leave satisfied with the results and their surgeon. However as in Lea’s case below, sometimes, the surgeon’s negligence or inexperience can be fatal or have long term effects

London Legal International, being the first and leading Turkish Law firm in the United Kingdom, currently have 8 cases against different doctors/clinics and hospitals for different procedures that resulted in unsatisfactory outcomes and in some cases with dire consequences. While we are happy to hold the negligent surgeons accountable, we would like to ask all to do their research before booking an operation. Have someone check this clinic or doctor, get a copy of their surgeon certificate and insurance. Speak to some other patients, and never pay to an intermediary. When payment is done to an agent or some marketing website, the negligence claims are harder to prove.

Never sign a document in Turkish, most cases patients are asked to sign WAIVERS from future claims. We as the Turkish lawyers of the patients get these waivers taken out of the file content but this just makes things harder for proving the case.


We wish all our clients good health and great surgeons for whatever they wish to have as a surgery in Turkey.

Ezgi Aydemir

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