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We are the leading Turkish law firm in the UK, providing Turkish legal services from our London offices since 2007.
Our offices are run by Turkish lawyers and although we are predominantly litigation lawyers we can handle a wide variety of Turkish legal matters.

We have offices in Izmir (Turkey), Ankara (Turkey), Stockholm (Sweden) and Dubai ( UAE)

We are business oriented, we run our firm as a successful business so we understand business. We understand performance and profitability.

We believe biggest asset of a lawyer is not their knowledge is their word. So we honor it.

76% of the new business that comes to the firm comes from former client referrals.

That statistic talks for itself.

WHO WE AREWe are not traditional.

We do not follow traditional approaches. We dont work long hours, our staff does not boast about having all nighters at the office.
Our lawyers and support staff are well balanced individuals, have busy social lives and no one works after 5pm here.
Because we do not need to. Happy lawyers get the job done. When working with us, you will be hiring goal oriented, fast paced efficient professionals who can think outside the box but would be happy to stay well within the box if that is what will serve the client and get results.

In summary we work for you. You are ultimately the one who is in charge and whatever your intention is we focus to fulfil on that.

We do look forward to working with you as well.

Burcu Holmgren
Founding Partner
Our experts take pride in our high win rate.
Lawyers approach to solving problems.
Burcu Holmgren

We got your back

Whatever your legal matter from Turkish property purchase litigation to company set up to divorce, we got your back, we will be straight with you and always look out for your best interest.

Integrating Turkish legal services between London and Turkey, our Turkish law firm consists of a team of Turkish speaking solicitors in both countries and provides a wide array of international legal services. As such, our solicitors have a detailed knowledge of Turkish laws and customs, and our London firm works closely with our team in Turkey to ensure that clients receive the most efficient legal services.










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