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We are based in the UK.

London Legal International is situated at the heart of the City of London. We are a business-oriented firm and have a particularly high regard for the British way of business. We observe the same principles of professionalism and efficiency.

We have a strong presence in Turkey.

London Legal International have four offices in Turkey in Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya and Ankara. We have an extensive knowledge of Turkish laws and customs which enables us to serve our clients in the most proficient way. We work closely with and supervise all activities of our offices in Turkey, who are also covered with professional indemnity insurance.



We cover all aspects of Turkish law.

London Legal International is able to provide services related to all aspects of Turkish law. Although we tend to specialise in certain avenues of Turkish law, the diverse education and employment backgrounds of our team members allow us to assist clients with all kinds of queries.

We are a young and dynamic firm.

London Legal International is young and dynamic as well as professional. These qualities translate themselves into our work.


We do save you time and money.

London Legal International provides full guidance to clients throughout their affairs in Turkey. We acknowledge the difficulties investors may face and serve our clients in a way that they are protected from any excess cost / labour. We also offer a complimentary consultation to our prospective clients.


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