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Our attorneys deal not only with matters of Commercial law but also with Turkish Family law; we are qualified to provide excellent dispute resolution services including Turkish Divorce law and custody laws. Our divorce lawyers have assisted many Turkish families in resolving delicate matters such as family custody disputes, and we are sure to treat all matters with fairness, compassion and professionalism.

We have protected the rights of hundreds of British citizens in Turkey. Our teams are experts in pilot cases. Our dispute team is known for closing landmark cases that have transformed policies in Turkey, for foreigners to expand their personal, commercial and operational endeavours in Turkey.

Speak to our Turkish family lawyers about the following services:

– All commercial disputes
– Family law
– Divorce and custody

We understand the importance of dealing with matters like Turkish Divorce law in a speedy and professional manner; you can trust LLI to ensure that your Turkish Family law matters will be handled by skilled UK legal system experts.

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