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We provide a wide range of Turkish notarial services through the notaries we contract to in the United Kingdom.

Please note that we are not a notarial firm. However, because we are experts in Turkish law, and also given the fact that notaries in Britain are not all familiar with Turkish laws and drafting Turkish legal documents, there is a certain need for our notarial services.

We draft various legal documents for use in Turkey and then arrange for them to be notarised and legalised by our notarial partners.

– Power of Attorney (for all Turkish legal matters)

Power of attorney is the legal, written authorisation granting a party the right to act on behalf of someone else and to represent them in legal matters, be they business related or private. Our team of skilled Turkish attorneys can assist you with powers of attorney covering all Turkish legal matters.

By granting power of attorney to another party, you give them the authority to represent you and conduct commercial or personal business in your absence, for example if you are staying in another country or if you experience a medical emergency. LLI’s legal team can prepare power of attorney documents for Turkish nationals based in the UK or in Turkey.

Contact our Turkish legal experts for the preparation and execution of powers of attorney for any Turkish legal matters.

List of the primary documents we can prepare for you:

– Power of attorney (for all Turkish legal matters)
– Signature circular
– Turkish limited company article of association
– Share transfer certificates
– Certificate of good standing for Turkish companies

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