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September 26, 2018by Ezgi Aydemir0

As of 19.09.2018 the law that regulates the applications for Turkish citizenship was amended.  With the mentioned amendment, becoming Turkish citizen for foreigners got a lot easier and less costly.

From now on, foreigners have to show a fixed capital investment amount of at least $500.000 to become a Turkish citizen. This used to be 2 million USD.


The foreigners who wish to become a citizen of the Republic of Turkey have several ways to become a citizen. One of which is owning a property in Turkey and guaranteeing that they will not be selling the mentioned property for three years. The value of this property needed to be at least 1 million USD, which is now reduced to 250.000USD. Another way of becoming a Turkish citizen keeping a deposit of 3 million USD in a Turkish Bank which is now again reduced to 500.000 USD.

Anyone who wish to apply for citizenship via a capital venture fund need to invest 500.000USD rather than 1.5 million USD.

Foreigners who wanted to become a Turkish citizens used to undertake to employ 100 people. This number is also reduced to 50 people now.

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Ezgi Aydemir

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