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June 7, 2019by Ezgi Aydemir0

Is an Absolute Decree from a UK court valid in Turkey?

Yes, but not without having it recognized in Turkey as well.

Once a marriage breaks, it is never easy on anyone involved and last thing parties probably want to do is extra stress. Unfortunately having completed the divorce in the UK isnt enough to finalize the marriage fully, if your marriage is also registered in Turkey. There is one, procedural, step to complete after obtaining the Absolute Decree.

The divorce decision from the foreign court is not registered directly into the Turkish records. The Absolute Decree  need to be Enforced and/or  Recognized. Otherwise, even though the couples are divorced in the foreign country, they are still considered  married in Turkey which can lead to some legal issues. In other words, their rights will continue arising from the marriage. The parties will not be able to remarry and even if they married somehow, most recent marriage could potentially be considered invalid.

The recognition and enforcement case can be filed by one of the parties in any of the Turkish courts.

If you would like to register your divorce decision in Turkey, please contact with info@londonlegalint.co.uk


Ezgi Aydemir

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