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January 19, 2017by admin0

Recently, a new piece of legislation called Experts Act (herein will be referred to as the Act) has been published on the Official Gazette.

The Act sets outs the principles for experts’ training, proficiency, selection and supervision.

The Act states that expert reports shall only address issued which require technical knowledge, in other words, expert reports cannot address issues that are not within the technical knowledge of the expert.

The Act introduces Expert Consultation Committee as an advisory body which will act under the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice. Furthermore, Regional Committees will be established to ensure expert services are carried out in accordance with the relevant legislation, issue experts list, register experts on the experts list and supervise and inspect experts.

We think that the Act will be a step forward in better expert service to be provided to the courts hence will have a positive effect on Turkish legal system.


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