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August 17, 2017by admin0

Turkey has amended its construction rules in the way that it makes impossible to build studio apartments. There will be also discretion of Municipalities to decide aesthetic aspects of buildings in order to design neighbourhoods ordinarily.

Major alterations presented by The Zoning Regulation on Planned Areas are the following:

– The maximum permitted footprint for foundations of new buildings increases from 40% to 60% of the land parcel’s total area.

– Apartments should be at least 28.5 m2 which contain one living room and one bedroom minimum. It will not be possible to build studio apartments from now on.

– Municipalities now have the discretion to determine the design of the building.

– Specific heat insulation applications and solar energy systems will not necessitate permission.

– The maximum storey height for buildings and workplaces increases from 3.60 m to 4.00 m.

– Areas owned by the Gendarmerie General Command and Coast Guard Command will no longer be deemed military areas. The Treasury will now be deemed to own these areas.

In relation to these construction permits granted by 1 October 2017, the applicant may choose whether the new or prior rules will apply.


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