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September 14, 2017by admin0

Turkish Ministry of Health has advertised a new regulation for the medical tourism. The new regulation is about health care standards, authorizations and pricing standards. Health institutions and intermediary institutions should attain an International Health Tourism authorization certificate by 13 July 2018 to provide medical tourism services. The prices for medical services will now also be controlled by the Ministry of Health, on consultation with the Health Tourism Coordination Committee.

The new regulation also indicates the following issues:

Health institutions and intermediary institutions must establish an International Tourism Health Unit in order to accept, register, diagnose, treat, bill, discharge, translate and coordinate related operations.

A doctor should meet certain criteria to be appointed as manager of each International Tourism Health Unit.

Each of the International Tourism Health Unit should have at least two employees who are able to speak English.

Only authorized health or intermediary institutions can advertise and offer information about these mentioned services.

The Regulation on International Health Tourism and Tourist’s Health was entered into force on 13 July 2017.


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